Airport Food: It’s Better in Canada

I’ve been on the road again quite a bit and it’ll be great to be back in St. Louis. As I’ve mentioned, I travel a lot for my work which means a lot of time in airports. It’s pretty interesting seeing how air travel is done all over the country. Big airports, small airports, well run airports, badly run airports. I have to say that Lambert in St. Louis is one of the best domestic airports I have been too, and I’m glad that it’s my home base. It’s pretty well organized, it’s quite most of the time and with the exception of the occasional slow baggage return, I love to fly in and out of there. Plus I have one word for you: Metrolink.

I am currently in Montreal (taking advantage of free WiFi), and I can safely say that there is one thing that the Canadians do better than the Americans: they have great airport food. And I’m not talking about haute cuisine here, I’m talking about the simple things like sandwiches. I had a memorable turkey sandwich in Toronto which had the unusual addition of fresh green and red peppers. This is unusual because airports rarely have anything “fresh” other than lettuce.

This time around I had one of the best ham and cheese sandwiches that I have ever had while waiting for my flight in here in Montreal. Artisan bread, sliced fresh ham (as opposed to processed deli ham) and a subtly flavored Swiss cheese. It was served warm, wrapped in a cute little raffia ribbon. And what kind of a food blogger would I be if I didn’t provide at picture of this masterful sandwich? A bad one, apparently. I’d already dismantled the raffia and plowed through half of my sandwich before I remembered that I’m a food blogger. Yeah, yeah, I was hungry!

And of course I always forget that Canadians use $1 coins instead of bills. I’m so used to being handed a wad of bills as change that I made a fool out of myself insisting that the woman I bought my sandwich from owed me several dollars when she gave me a handful of coins. She wasn’t phased though – no doubt she has lots of experience dealing with stupid Americans. Seriously though, who uses cash anymore let alone coins? What?

At any rate, this stupid American is off to catch a plane headed towards the Gateway Arch. More food and food photography to come later this week!

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