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Friday Happy Hour: Wine Appreciation

I used to work with a guy who, without fail, would greet the beginning of each and every week with the same statement:

“Mondays…” he would sigh, dropping into a chair in front of his computer. “Mondays.”

On Fridays at the other end of the week the same guy would put on his overcoat and head home on a slightly higher note. “Another day another nickel,” he would sigh, voice heavy with resignation. “Time for a drink.”

Cheer up, it’s Friday, and yes indeed, it is time for a drink. I’ve been in a red wine kinda mood lately. I’m not a wine aficionado in any way and certainly don’t aspire to be one. I enjoy a good glass of wine when I am served it, but I also have the ability to make a cheap glass of wine special by simply applying the same principles to wine which I attribute to food: a cheap bottle of vino can be as satisfying as an expensive vintage wine when enjoyed in the company of friends and loved ones. My only wine advice? Drink good wine when you can and enjoy it none-the-less when you can’t. Appreciate the wine in your glass as much as you appreciate the friends that are drinking with you.

Red Wine Splash by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman

Ok, so where did all this sentimentality come from? Yeesh. I think I need that drink. Happy Friday everyone!

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  • Ericka
    January 28, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    I need one for sure. What a week!

    Good luck with entertaining the young folks tonight!


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