Cha Cha Chow Truck for Lunch

Nearly all of the food featured here on Shoot To Cook was cooked, styled and photographed by yours truly. However, on Tuesday morning I noticed that the Cha Cha Chow food truck was mere blocks from my apartment, so rather than making lunch for myself, I trotted down the street for some tacos.

I am a huge fan of food carts and trucks. I think I fell in love with street food when I was working in Times Square. The inexpensive lunch choices at that point were tourist-filled chain restaurants, one good deli, and a lot of street food. I think I mentioned at some point that my favorite halal cart in NYC has disappeared since I’ve been gone, and I have been mourning ever since.

I beat the rush at the Cha Cha truck by a few steps (by the time I’d ordered there was at least six people in line behind me) at about 11:45am. I ordered a two taco platter (which comes with Fiesta Corn Salad) and the only thing I can say is that I should have gotten four. My tacos were amazing. I went with the Beef Short Rib Taco (red cabbage lime slaw, cheese, Cha Cha Sauce, flour tortilla) and the Yucatan Pulled Pork Taco (grilled onion, poblano pepper, Salsa Verde, white corn tortilla).

In most cases the pulled pork is what gets my engine running. However, while both tacos were delicious, I think I liked the beef short rib taco the best. This could be in part due to the Cha Cha Sauce (which has a smoky chipotle flavor) and the cabbage which added a fantastic crunch. Both of the meats were moist, tender and full of flavor as well.

You can find the Cha Cha Chow truck when it’s in your neighborhood by following them on Twitter (@whereschacha) and on Facebook. If you don’t have cash, no problem, Cha Cha takes credit cards thanks to Square which has an office in St. Louis.

BTW, I’m pretty proud of myself for remembering to photograph my tacos before devouring them. I have the bad habit of forgetting to photograph food that other people make for me.

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