Hotel Cooking

Dr. Fiance and I didn’t do much cooking this weekend on account of an arctic trip into the Missouri wilderness to locate and slay a giant Christmas tree. It’s possible we over-compensated for ten years of insanely priced and incredibly compact New York City trees because we ended up with a tree that is nearly twice as tall as we are. Luckily the studio has a nice tall ceiling. We dragged it home with the help of our friends, who then proceeded to cook us and all of our other friends a massive meal while we decorated it. My participation in the cooking was limited to drinking rye cocktails of my own recipe (future post on that) and watching. Can’t ask for better friends than that! A wonderful time was had by all.

But in any case, not a lot to share food-wise today, so in the interim here is a neat video of George Egg cooking in a hotel room. May only work in Britain where every hotel room comes with a hot water kettle, less easy to find in US hotels:

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